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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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cash, weapons, and drugs. you will battle the scorch of human trafficking. something that people have been talking about, one of the big, big plagues of the world, not our country only, the world. human only americans will place their trust in your leadership, just that they are trusted generations of coast guard men and women with respect for your skill, with all at your courage, and with the knowledge that you will always be ready. it you all always ready. not only will our citizens trust in your leadership, your commanders will trust you as well. the coast guard is the gold standard. in delegating decision-making, down to chain command. so, just as your instructors have at the academy, your
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coast guard commanders will explain their vision, and a van they will trust you to get the job done. just like i, as your president, will also trust you to get the job done. it's amazing to think of the adventures that are about to begin for you. across the country this month, millions of other students are graduating high school, college. many others are wondering just what am i going to do? they are saying to themselves, what are they going to do. you know what you're going to do. many, many students are graduating from college right now, they are saying, what am i going to do? where am i going to go to work? you know it. you picked a good one, by the way. you picked a beautiful one, a good one, and we are proud to have you. years from now, some of them may
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look back and ask themselves whether they've made the right choice. whether they've made the most of the opportunities they've been given. in the coast guard, he will face many challenges, and many threats, but one thing you will never have to face is that question of what will i do. when you look back, you won't doubt. you know exactly how you spend your time saving lives. i look at your admirals, i look at general kelly, i look at some of the great people in service, and i want to tell you, they are excited about life. they love what they do, they love the country, they love protecting our country, and they love what they do. is that right? i didn't think anyone was going to say no. [laughter] that whatever it ruined our speech.
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they are great people. you always know just what you will. the leaders and officers of the united states coast guard. [applause] and when they see your uniform, everyone in the world will know exactly what that means. what standard, and really if you think of it, when you talk about the great sailors of the world, we have them. but, what stranded sailor doesn't feel relief when those red racing stripes break the horizon? what drifting soul at sea with only a short time left to live doesn't rejoice at the sound of those chopper blades overhead coming back and coming down to rescue them from death? what poison, peddling drug
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runner, the scorch of our country, doesn't tremble with fear when the might of the coast guard comes bearing down on them? in each case, we know the reason. america's lifesaving service is on the way. the coast guard is truly vital to the united states armed forces and truly vital to our great country. [applause] out of the five branches of our armed services, it's only the coast guard that has the power to break through 21 feet of rock solid arctic ice, right? you're the only ones, and i'm proud to say that under my administration, as you just heard, we will be building the first new heavy icebreakers the
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united states has seen in over 40 years. were going to build many of them. we need them. we need them. the coast guard stands watch at our ports, patrols are waterways and protects our infrastructure. you defend america in a world of massive and very grave threats. soon, some of you will be leading boards of suspicious vessels, searching for deadly weapons, and detaining criminals to keep our people safe. others of you will work with partners in the scores of countries around the globe bringing in the full power of the united states coast guard right up to those distant shores, and some of those chores are very far away, to secure our
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borders from drug cartels, human smugglers, and terrorist threats. coast guard patrol more than 1500 miles below our southern border. a lot of people didn't know tha that. with enormous pride hits your heart, you realize that it's with this great skill and tremendous speed our coast guard men and women interdict dangerous criminals and billions and billions of dollars worth of illegal narcotics every single year. your helicopters launch from the decks of world-class national security cutters, and they chase drug smugglers at speeds far in excess of 50 knots. in rough seas at high speeds, our incredible coast guard snipers take their aim at the smugglers engines, and a time after, they take out the motors
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on the first shot. they don't like wasting the bullets, right? they actually don't. you slice through roaring storms and through pouring rain, and through crashing waves, is a place where few other people will ever venture. exciting, exciting. but, you have to have it in your heart. you have to love it. you love it. in the coast guard, you don't run from danger, you chase it. and you are deployed in support of operations in theaters of conflict all around the world, but not only do you defend american security, you also protect american prosperity. it's a mission that goes back to the earliest days of the revenue cutter service. you read about that and studied
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that. today, the coast guard helps keep our waters open for americans to do business. it keeps our rivers flowing with commerce, and it keeps our ports churning with american exports. you help billions and billions of dollars of goods to navigate our country every day. you are the only federal presence on our in the land waterways. you police the arteries we need to rebuild this country and to bring posterity back to our heartland. we are becoming very, very prosperous again. you can see that. think of the glorious mission that awaits. it you will secure our harvest, are waterways, and our borders. it you will partner with our allies to advance our security interests at home and abroad, and you will pursue the terrorists, you will stop the
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drug smugglers, and he will seek to keep out all who would do harm to our country. all who can never, ever love our country. together, we have the same mission, and your devotion and dedication makes me truly proud to be your commander in chief. [applause] thank you. now, i want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. it you will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted, but you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. never, ever, ever give up. things will work out just fine.
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look at the way i've been treated lately. especially by the media. no politician in history, and i say this with great charity, has been treated worse or more unfairly. it you can't them get you down. you can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. [cheers and applause] i guess that's why we won. adversity makes you stronger. don't give in, don't back down, and never stop doing what you know is right. nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy, and the more
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righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face. i've accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time as president. jobs are pouring back into our country, a brand-new supreme court justice is going to be fantastic for 45 years, a historic investment in our military, border crossings, thank you to our general, are down more than 70% in just a short period of time -- a total record, by the way, by a lot. we've saved the second amendmen amendment, expanded service for our veterans. we are going to take care of our veterans like they've never been taken care of before. [applause] i've loosened up the strangling
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environmental chains wrapped around our country and our economy, changed so tight that you couldn't do anything, that jobs were going down, we were losing business. we are loosening it up. we've begun plans and preparations for the border wall, which is going along very, very well, we are working on major tax cuts for all. we are going to give you the largest tax cut in the history of our country if we get it the way we wanted, and were going to give you major tax reform. and we are also getting closer and closer, day by day, to great health care for our citizens, and we are setting the stage right now for many, many more things to come.
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the people understand what i'm doing, and that's the most important thing. i didn't get elected to serve the washington media or special interests. i got elected to serve the forgotten men and women of our country, and that's what i'm doing. [cheers and applause] i will never stop fighting for you, and i will never stop fighting for the american peopl people. as you leave this academy to embark on your exciting new voyage, i am heading on a very crucial journey as well. in a few days, i will make my first trip abroad as president, with the safety, security, and interest of the american people as my priority grade i will strengthen all friendships and will seek new partners, but partners who also help us, not
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partners who take, and take, and take. partners who help, and partners who help pay for whatever we are doing and all of the good were doing for them, which is something that a lot of people have not gotten used to, and they just can't get used to it. i say, get used to it, folks. i'll ask them to unite for a future of peace and opposition for our peoples and the peoples of the world. first, and saudi arabia, where i'll speak with muslim leaders and challenge them to fight hatred and extremism and embrace a peaceful future for their faith. and they are looking very much forward to hearing what we, as your representative, we have to say. we have to stop radical islamic terrorism.
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[cheers and applause] then, in israel, i'll reaffirm our unbreakable alliance with the jewish state. in rome, i will talk with pope francis about the contributions of christian teachings to the world. finally, i'll attend the nato summit in brussels, and the g7 and sicily to promote security, prosperity, and peace all over the world. i'll meet scores of leaders and honor the holiest sites of these three great religions. and everywhere i go, i will carry the inspiration i take from you each day, from your courage and determination to do n lives.r is required, save, and save and protect american lives. we want security. you are going to give a
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security. [applause] and it just one example, we see how priceless that gift of life is to the people you touch every day. a few years ago, a coast guard helicopter and a rescue swimmer took off in the direction of three terrified fishermen who clung to their sinking and burning vessel. at that day, our coast guard heroes did their jobs well. they flew over the sea, despite tremendous danger, and extended a helping hand at the moment it was most urgently needed. there was very little time left, but that's not the most remarkable part of that story. as one coast guard swimmer put it, you do that stuff all the time. you do it every hour of the day.
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something is happening all the time in the united states coast guard. you do an amazing job. a remarkable thing happened with that rescue, but when you think of it, you do those rescues all the time. there, the vietnamese fishing captain, grabbed the fisherman's hand, he looked at his coast guard rescue her in the eye and said, i was asking god to please let me live. i need to see my kids. please, god, please. let me live so i can see my kids. then god sent me you. that's what he said. [applause] to every new officer and to every new coast guard member here today, or out protecting life around the world on some of the roughest waters anywhere, you truly are doing gods work. what a grateful heart you must
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all have, because it is with my very grateful heart and america's cheers for the coast guard, and america cheers for you often, that we wish you good luck. as your commander in chief, i think you, i salute you, and i once again congratulate the coast guard class of 2017. god bless you, god bless the coast guard, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you very much. thank you, everybody. great honor. good luck. enjoy your life. >> harris: and the president of the united states giving the commencement speech in new london connecticut today before members of the u.s. coast guard. he called them america is a
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life-saving force. he said, by choosing to become a member of the coast guard, you've chosen hardware, high standards, and noble missions. he thanked them profusely for their dedication and for the future that they bring the united states of america through their service. at one point, he did talk a little bit about foreign policy. he kind of veered, he talked about the media. he talked about a lot of different things, but this commencement speech, primarily focused on the young men and women in the audience today. congratulations, and a heartfelt thank you from the president. he did not directly reference the latest controversy that is engulfing washington. the news on that at this hour. the white house is fiercely denying a "new york times" report. they are saying the president asked the former fbi director james comey to end his investigation into michael flynn. at the white house says that never happened. and the drumbeat is growing
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louder as democrats pressed for a special prosecutor into the whole thing. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, here today with sandra smith, meghan mccain, marie harf and today's #oneluckyguy, he's on fox business, host of forbes is david ashman. >> david: the last time we were here was the day general flynn was fired. >> harris: is that true? if you're in washington and you see these two together, watch out. welcome. let's get to the news. the white house dealing with red-hot accusations. "the new york times" reporting that former director comey wrote a memo saying that president trump had asked him to ease up on flynn.
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the white house says the president has never asked comey to end an investigational including any investigation involving general flynn. this is not an actual portrayal. earlier, speaker of the house said politics may be at play here. watch. >> we have an allegation to carry out our oversight regardless of which parties and the white house. that means we get all the pertinent information. at the house overnight site reforms committee requested this memo, and i'm sure will going to want to hear from mr. comey as to why, if this happened as he allegedly describes, why he didn't take action at the time. there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> harris: the ranking democrat on the house oversight, elijah cummings, says congress needs to do more than subpoena the memo. >> i have sent a letter, asking
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for comey's memos, but we need much more than that, ladies and gentlemen. at this point, it is obvious that we need to subpoena the white house, and to demand the documents that the chairman and i requested in march. we also need a hearing with director comey in public. >> harris: david, i am curious to know where you think we are in this investigation of investigation of investigation. >> david: wright, virtually every hour things change. so, when we write our rundown's, it isn't possible. they are so many breathless gotcha moments on the media. i don't want this to turn into that, but to that, you have voices like jonathan turley. i don't think he's a republican,
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i think is a democrat, but at any rate, he's a middle-of-the-road guy who gave a very good analysis of what all this means, and whether all we've discovered so far rises to the level of impeachment, which is what a lot of people are talking about right now. here's what he said in a piece he wrote. "if this is food for obstruction of justice, it is still an awfully thin soup. there are various variations of obstruction charges ranging from obstructing witnesses to influencing jurors. none would fit this case." they should stop right where they are right now before that goes any further. spew one i want to break into this, because this is a first time in weeks we've gotten input from michael flynn's perspective. a source close to him said that he never spoke to the president about ending or influencing
9:24 am
these investigations. that is very important, because that's the first time we are hearing from him on this, according to that story. >> harris: the other voice that we haven't heard from via twitter is president trump. i know he just gave the commencement address they are in new london connecticut. i want to get your thoughts on that. meghan? >> meghan: i think it's important to remember that 40% of americans support president trump. he has a hard base of supporters, and it's going to take a lot more than allegations from comey, who someone on both sides of his reputation has come into question. kevin mccarthy, the house majority leader, said he's finds a lot of allegations and small truths. i echo this sentiment. there are a lot of allegations lying around. we don't know what we don't kno know. there's a lot of accidents that exist. all of this is going to cloud so much that were never going to get to obamacare repeal and replace. were not going to talk about
9:25 am
defeating radical islamic extremism. this is my biggest problem right now. all the agenda set forth that i had a lot of high hopes for it seemed to be going on the back border. >> harris: and it oscillates. we see this happening time and time again. the investigation becomes somewhat of a shiny object, and sometimes it has bared out that there is no evidence to find. but at this point, the president has a lot on his plate. he's had foreign leaders here this week. he spoke with the king of jordan. he has a list of things to get wet, while we deal with things domestically, the world stage is not going away. >> marie: he has an 11 day trip to some very important countries. but getting back to the point here, these are mostly self-inflicted wounds that president trump and his aides have brought on themselves. we need to see the comey memos -- >> harris: that's not a
9:26 am
self-inflicted wound? either there is a memo or there isn't. >> marie: president trump said something that allegedly james comey put into a memo for the record. this conversation with the russians in the oval office about classified information, again we can debate whether it was appropriate or not. but that is a self-inflicted wound of something he did. >> david: some of the headlines are based on false information. for example, the idea that rosenstein was going to resign -- there are others too. sometimes, the media in their rush to judgment, and people who are operating in the shadows inside the trump administration, or leftovers from the obama administration, are coming up with things on a two. that is not a self-inflicted wound. >> meghan: i don't believe we
9:27 am
would be in the mess we're in right now if you had better people surrounding him. i think that he needs to clean house. he needs better people prepping him -- 's before you say that, but what if the a-team was deployed, and he went on twitter. >> meghan: can you really trust sean spicer? i'm sorry, but you should have a ride or die tight trust relationship with your head of communications, which is sean spicer. i'm not even sure their friends. >> david: who, by the way, would be responsible for getting rid of one of the leakers who are breaking laws? who specifically would do that in the white house, because somebody's got to take charge and getting rid of them. spew on something is breaking this hour, as were hearing from michael flynn's perspective for the first time. he never spoke to the president about it influencing these
9:28 am
investigations. how does that change things, or does it? >> marie: i think you see michael flynn flat running as far away from this as you can. it sounds like he was saying, if the president did this, i had nothing to do with it. subpoenas were issued recently for evidence in the flynn investigation, that is continuing. this is going to cloud every single thing they do, and every single time president trump send someone out to say one thing, and to 12 later tweets something different, he undermines sean spicer and others. >> harris: not only that, but democrats are so thirsty to put his special prosecutor on board. remember, when you see past investigations, they can fetter out. people will have to lawyer up just to get away from certain things whether there is evidence right away or not. >> david: he's coming out with his budget, and he will be overseas when that happens. i think that may be a good
9:29 am
thing. his economic team it sometimes makes a better case without getting into all the other things. >> marie: that's an extra ordinary statement. but let's think about the fact that he is going to be overseas during this trip. >> harris: or could be positive. were going to move on. some in the media, all but declaring war on president trump, even literally shouting down his defenders. is this becoming a gotcha game? we'll talk about it more. stay with us. there's nothing traditional about my small business so when
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>> look at the way i've been treated lately, especially by the media. no politician in history, and i say this with great charity, has been treated worse or more unfairly. you can't let them get you down.
9:34 am
in the way ofthe critics and your dreams. >> harris: the president at the top of the hour just moments ago made the reference to the media, and the mainstream media is not letting up on him. that in the wake of "the new york times" report saying that president trump pressured then fbi director james comey to shut down the michael flynn investigation. watch. >> what we've learned is that the trump administration will i hope you can let this go, is what they'll say. those will be the smoking gun. >> the white house denies the charge, but after all the credibility problems, can you believe the denial? if trump tried to directly influence an investigation into links between his and it administration and russia, that could be obstruction of justice.
9:35 am
>> donald trump's ignorance about government, his ignorance about the law, his ignorance about james call me himself as a person has now led donald trump to the greatest danger of his life. >> harris: wow, the words that went around this couch. his hypocrisy. what was going on? of >> david: of all people in te media to talk, george stephanopoulos actually tried to interfere in the fbi investigation. he tried to get this guy fired over a criminalization that exist. try to now he's complaining that the president is trying to
9:36 am
interfere in an fbi investigation. it is the height of hypocrisy. >> harris: this is how you handle a trump supporter. it watch. speak out to former officials with knowledge of the situation? name those people, . >> it's not just cnn, it's "washington post" ," "new york times." >> who are the sources? >> don't start with me. you're just going to attack sources? >> so you're saying that mcmaster is lying? >> i'm not saying that he's lying, but that's just his opinion. you do not attack sources. >> harris: that was a panel situation, but it was clearly a shout down of anybody who was
9:37 am
presenting the facts for the trump administration. what do you think? spew one coverage of this has been very difficult to watch, and to get the real story is extremely difficult for the american people. you wonder, if you were to take a page out of the clinton war room strategy book, and george stephanopoulos, why can't the president just say, look, i'm going to work this all out and focus on what the american people need. that being said, there are parts here that we left out that donald trump said at that commencement speech. he said, i did not get elected to serve the washington media. he did make that a major point there. that is a very fair, and a very good point to reiterate at this stage in the game. >> harris: at this stage, it was a definite opportunity, marie, and it was a definite clear message. >> marie: i think that all of us should not let the coverage dictate the tone, or to distract
9:38 am
from the fact that there may actually be something to the stories. if it is true, and we need to get to the facts, i agree anonymous sources are tough. they are a serious allegation. we cannot discount the fact that if some of this is proven true, and on some other issues it has been in the past, -- spew on but it it's being treated as if it is true before there is evidence of it. >> marie: that's why your hearing democrats and republicans say let's get the facts. so, let's not let the hysterical tone that some of us find an appropriate to discount the fact that some of this may be true, and it's really bad if it is. >> harris: but the president's point, meghan, about the media not just covering the facts and not just covering what's there. is it time for, not just his base to come on board, that's
9:39 am
true. >> meghan: if this was a plot card, i would say it needs a lot of editing. jumping the gun to such an extent, that even if something is there, it will hurt in the main point of what is happening. i'm telling you, i have a lot of people in my life who are really hard-core trump supporters. all this does, when you're screaming at trump supporters on tv, is make them more defensive. if there is something there, which we don't know yet, we need to let the legal process play itself out, and stop getting so hysterical on national tv. >> harris: i'm starting to see the wisdom of david ashman. when he leaves american soil and focuses on other things, it might be a good thing. new developments about the next fbi director. oh, yeah, there are a job to f. several people taking our names out of the running.
9:40 am
it would who should leave the barrel, and how much pressure is on the white house? comfortable you are in it.
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wow minty. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. spew one as deputy attorney general rosenstein gets ready to republican senator john cornyn have taken their names out of the running, insisting they are not the right people to lead the agency. marit garland is also reportedly out. he is telling that he wants to remain a judge. lawmakers are calling for an apolitical fbi director. all right, so everyone is wondering what other names are being thrown in.
9:45 am
>> david: two that i like a lot, and one is ray kelly, who used to be the police commissioner of new york city. everybody knows that he leans towards the republican side, at one point he thought about running for mayor as a republican. his whole life has involved law enforcement. he would be a good get, he 75, though. mike rogers, former congressman, former fbi special agent, former of the house intel committee. he has a foot in both worlds. both the political world, as house intel, and he would get the respect he needed from the grunts on the ground. he would be my bet. spew one it's going to be tough to please everyone. it meghan? >> meghan: i just want him to be bulletproof. and bipartisan. it doesn't matter what bullets are thrown at him or her, their
9:46 am
record is so amazing that people can't attack them. it's going to be watched globally, it's going to be very intense. i don't want this to turn into a media circus. they're already too many media circus surrounding this administration as it is. and as it is -- by the way i do think that -- >> harris: morale is being talked about at the fbi, and i think they need to make this decision pretty quickly. i do feel like the work is obviously their focus and so important, and it really helps the morale if you can make a decision that everyone can get behind and make it quickly. not draw this out. because that invites all of the animals in under the tent at the circus. >> marie: i like the mike rogers option, and i like what everyone else has said. bipartisan, sterling record. i've heard a number of my republican friends say that they were disappointed because it
9:47 am
would have been so much more seamless to say, i don't think he's right, he has the right person, and then that takes -- stomach -- >> harris: because then they would be more focused on the leadership and the future rather than who said what. spew one thank you very much. too much agreement on that one. russian president vladimir putin is now reacting to a report that president trump shared classified info with russian officials last week. he says, he wants to help the president, but he really?
9:48 am
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>> meghan: new developments in a report claiming president trump revealed classified information to top russian officials during a white house meeting last week. russian president vladimir putin now weighing in offering to handle a transcript of the transcript, and those claims against present trump. >> there's no other way in which i can explain these accusations against the president about saying these secrets with lavrov. by the way, i've already spoken with him about that today, and we will have to tell him off
9:52 am
because he hasn't shared of these secrets with us, either with me or the representatives of russian special service. >> meghan: not sure if putin is such a good thing for the white house. >> would you accept that offer >> i have to say i find that quite amusing into regards. first, the last person the president needs to vouch for him right now is vladimir putin. but even beyond that, the russians have denied that they were even involved in hacking our government institutions. who is going to give them in any way whatsoever? so if they want to give us a hats off in any way, but i can tell you their credibility will be less than zero. >> meghan: david, i want to go to you first. there cannot demo speed five
9:53 am
>> david: >> david: i understand you have to work with some people. we work with stalin during world war ii. this guy is a murderous thug who makes john gotti look good. he runs the whole country, russia, like a mafia kingdom, and he's nothing but a murderous thug. he's killed one friend of mine. i think he did, anyway, of course. it's an accusation, but it's a well based accusation. but there are thousands of other people who have been caught up in his web. why do we have to treat him as a friend? i understand sometimes in fights, but we need to get away from this idea that he is friendly and any form. >> sandra: to meghan's point, business does not translate into politics. it >> meghan: it will if you focus on jobs, which i still
9:54 am
think it would be his bread and butter in this administration. but he so bogged down. the last person on the planet that should be vouching for his character at this point is vladimir putin, giving about this entire scandal has to do with what kind of relationship he has with the russians. >> harris: i still don't understand why they let russian media and when they didn't allow reporters from our own country into the oval office during the meeting with lavrov and kislyak. >> marie: there is no explanation that makes any sens sense. >> david: that was donald trump kicking the media in the knees, don't you think? >> harris: i think that's a fair question, since we cannot now verify if there were listening devices that might have scooped up some information. now, remember, just a few months ago, there were some russian ships off our coast that were supposedly scooping up information, and i got close to
9:55 am
places like connecticut. this is not beyond imagination or reality that they would want to do this again. that is a fair question. i think the american public knows there's an answer. >> david: he is going to be stopping in israel on this trip. they have some qualms about him, but they are much happier with him and then they are with the president who was making nice with the muslim brotherhood and iran. i think you would agree. and they are going to tell him and rex tillerson, and others, it's going to be a very good conversation. >> harris: i don't know what might've happened there, marie. >> marie: the trump administration is walking back the notion that the western wall is a part of israel. in any normal "newsweek," yes, that would be huge news. but, look, the russians are trolling is now. those photos they are released of him smiling with kislyak, the subject of an ongoing fbi
9:56 am
investigation, joking about comey's firing, joking and laughing that they have a transcript and they're going to release it. we have become a laughing stock. if it's not a joke, that is so problematic for american national security, that democrats and republicans should both agree. >> david: i think we were more of a laughing stock when we gave the muslim brotherhood all that we gave them muslim brotherhood. >> meghan: we will continue this. we have to go. more >> marie: 24 and just a minute ,
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> that was some sizzle, great to have you. >> thank you, ladies. >> elected have to talk about, wrapped it up with good conversation, go to mohammed bin zayed tonight -- the "outnumbered" overtime, and now "happening now" ." >> heather: fox news alert for you, president trump just wrapping up his commencement address at the u.s. coast guard academy and prepared to head back to washington. >> jon: list as the commander-in-chief cups of a growing political firestorm over former director james comey and accusations of intelligence sharing with russian diplomats. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." >> he shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate. >> jon: national security advisor and now vladimir putin insist president trump did not reveal any intelligence sources or methods. >> the president was not even aware of where this information came from. >> jon: now


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